Nelson MacKinnon

Elected as Western Director

Nelson is a firm believer in supporting and promoting the dairy industry to maintain and grow the Island’s dairy farms.  He was elected to Dairy Farmers of Prince Edward Island as a representative of the Western District.  

Nelson graduated from NSAC in 1977 with a Diploma in Ag. Business.  Currently, Nelson and his wife, Nancy, farm in Grand River with the help from their family and they have two sons actively involved in the dairy industry.  

Nelson is active in the community as a director on the Grain Elevator Board.  He has also been an ADL Board member, Western Holstein Club and Wellington Dairy Club director, Farm Practices Review Board and 4-H Dairy Leader in the past.  In his spare time, he stills likes to get out and play hockey.

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Alain Remond

Elected as Western Director

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Nelson MacKinnon

Elected as Western Director

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