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Dairy Farmers of Prince Edward Island (DFPEI) is the marketing organization for all PEI dairy producers. It is established under the Natural Products Marketing Act to regulate and administer the Dairy Industry in Prince Edward Island. Dairy Farmers of Prince Edward Island receives its authority through an Order in Council from the provincial government.

Some of the powers conferred upon the Board include the authority to:

  • Control the production and marketing of all milk
  • Determine prices of industrial and fluid milk at the provincial level
  • Establish and regulate sales and production quotas
  • Prohibit the marketing of milk in excess of quotas
  • Operate a Quota Exchange and Quota Lease Exchange for producers


The Board 

The Board is comprised of nine milk producers elected to represent the four districts defined under the Dairy Farmers of Prince Edward Island Regulations, which were proclaimed in the Royal Gazette of Prince Edward Island on April 17, 2004. Two milk producers are elected to represent each of the West Prince, Summerside and Montague-Souris districts. The Charlottetown district elects three directors to the Board. New directors are elected in January or February and assume their positions in March following the Annual General Meeting (AGM). These appointments are held for a period of three years.

The Board elects its executive from within the Board membership. These appointments are held for a period of one year.


In addition to the Board members, there are two milk producers elected from each district to represent their members on the District Milk Committee.

Committees of the Board are normally composed of DFPEI Directors, District Milk Committee members, DFPEI Staff, and other dairy industry stakeholders and include:

Executive                           Dairy Industry Working Group        Farms Practices

Canadian Quality Milk Advisory      Producer Relations                    Quality

PEI Promotion                       Research

Board members represent producers on other provincial and national boards and committees including:

Canadian Milk Supply Management Committee         P5 Supervisory Body   

Dairy Farmers of Canada                            School Milk Foundation  

Maritime Quality Milk Advisory Committee           ADAPT Council                       

Valacta Advisory                                    Emergency Management Planning           

Farm Centre     PEI Federation of Agriculture      PEI Agriculture Sector Council

Deadstock       Cattle Producers of PEI            PEIFA Environment Committee

Dairy Industry Transition & Strategic Planning                                         


Supply Management

Dairy Farmers of PEI participates in a supply managed dairy system which was developed in the early 1970ís. 

Supply management focuses on achieving the most accurate balance between supply and demand. 

For more information on supply management follow the link below:




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